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Awards, Awards, Awards……….YES ???

13 December, 2017

When was the last time you read that this such and such drink was award winning ? Me ? I have read 10 times today about award winning gin, and 9 times about award winning whiskies. Good God 19 awards in 1 day x 365 = 6,935 awards per annum to look forward to soon…

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From little Acorns !!!

5 December, 2017

This is the original still at Mack Myra Destilleri, Gavle, Sweden. I cannot remember exactly when Mack Myra swung in to action, but my best guess would be, around 15-18 years ago. Max. Well, how they have worked and prospered ! I have visited there, once or twice over the years, and have always been…

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The Danger of Increasing Production

16 November, 2017

As most of you will know, I have been around the whisk(e)y business for a long number of years….56 to be precise. During that time I have witnessed many highs and lows, including some personal. However, let’s talk about the industry here, and take a good long hard look at what has occurred since 1960.…

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Small distilleries

7 November, 2017

The current Explosion of small distilleries, particularly Gin, is reminiscent of the Gin boom in the 1900’s. London was the home of Gin and almost everyone (and their Granny) was able to distil and produce something approaching what is recognisable as gin today. Of course times change, attitudes also have changed, the industry is better…

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The Future for the Spirits Trade

2 November, 2017

There is way too much analysis by experts and “so called experts” of the manner in which we organise and operate this great industry. What if, then more what if, usually followed by doom and gloom, let’s start to live a bit, and refrain from, actually being “Bloody Miserable”. The future looks promising to good…

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A Life in the Day of John Part 2

12 October, 2017

I talked yesterday about the comparison between the old and the not so old whisky being produced and bottled in this Suntory “Jewel in the crown” It is important to remember that it IS NOT rocket science to produce great whisky. The problem we all have nowadays is that everyone is “So Damned Clever” !!…

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A life in the day of John

11 October, 2017

Chez John is now sold. We are looking for a smaller Chez, and hope to find one soon. This sale took place in March, and we have been renting in the interim, and although ok, there is nothing quite like your own property. This year I have already been in Austria, France twice, (probably more…

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Whisky with Water Added Part 2 – Ref. Findings of Scientists.

19 August, 2017

Whisky has always had the ability to expand it’s character with the addition of water. Of course it is a very subjective thing, and to be objective one has first of all to be subjective. You drink the liquid, and use the science as “back up”. The section on Peat is most interesting in the…

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Scientists come up with “Earth Shattering” findings regarding whisky & water added

18 August, 2017

It seems that organoleptic analysis is second best to laboratory analysis! I have been through all of this kind of assessment over 56 years in the whisky industry. The findings of some Swedish scientists is fundamentally correct. But, they have only regurgitated what a lot of us have known for decades. Confirmation ? Yes. Earth…

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Gin v Whisky

7 August, 2017

Gin v Whisky or Whisky v Gin Explosions happening with both spirits. Both now being produced in many countries around the world, and why not? Only that there eventually will be an over saturation of very mediocre and probably downright bad expressions of both produced in various parts of the globe. This will be inevitable,…

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