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Spirituous Drinks

22 September, 2018

Today, I was in my local supermarket (Nationl Chain) I took a look at the spirits shelves. GIN is a spirit that can be produced today and then sold today. Can anyone please tell me how it is that day old neutral spirit with a bit of flavouring can command £30.00 per bottle. ? This…

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I am Human

21 September, 2018

I find it furiously infuriating that I cannot get into my own site without ticking a box saying I’m Human. For God’s sake I think I have been human for quite a number of years, so why do I have to have this shit ? Apart from my rant, life in whisk(e)y goes on although…

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Drinks Across the Globe

11 September, 2018

Every person who will read this will probably think what the hell is going on the drinks world Well for a start the Fucking PC Police are at it again. Quite frankly They are “Shit” propounding  “Shit” and are the most  Sad Awful Amoebas that God created. So Fuck Off The lot of You. Back…

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Like A Mature Whisky

2 August, 2018

It is interesting to read all  about “Experts”, and I know I keep re-visiting this issue. Now I have no problem whatsoever with young people ploughing their own furrow. We have all done that, and it is a thrilling experience. But please do not begin to purport to be a whisky Expert if you have…

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“Wild Fields” Original & Sherry Polish Single Grain Whisky

29 July, 2018

I have spent a Great few days in Poland last week. Mostly in Warsaw….Another beautiful European City! For the last almost 4 Years I have been involved in the creation and development of the Polish Single Grain Whisky for the Toorank Distilleries company in that Country. This is one of the most exciting projects that…

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Polish Whisky – My latest VERY Interesting Project

15 July, 2018

On June 30, in the Jasienica lounge, Toorank Polska presented its first single grain whiskey – Wild Fields. Distilled from rye, aged over three years. There are two versions, both 44%, not cold filtered, distilled in December 2014. Wild Fields Original aged in Polish oak, in barrels with a capacity of 225 l, sealed with…

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Will Blended Malt be the saviour of the Malt Category ?

11 July, 2018

This is a very vexed question. Without going into the why’s and wherefores of this argument I have always believed that there is a place for Vatted Malts (Sorry Blended, as a result of Diageo’s ignorant attempt to convert the wonderful Cardhu Single Malt) into a Pure Malt Brand in the early 000’s. This was…

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Life Is Not What you Think It is

10 July, 2018

In Scotland, for as long as I can remember “Whusky” wuss the drink. In the mid 70’s you could buy a bottle of Bell’s for Thirteen shillings. We were all paid very low wages then..Me Included unlike certain charlatans…say no more. That one 20% of a total weeks’s wages……Not Good ! How things have changed…….Have…

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Interesting Business This drinks !!

10 July, 2018

I may not be the most popular critic/cynic in the world, but from Very Personal work experience I Do Think That I have a Little First hand experience of Several Spiritous  drinks. Frankly I am apalled at the  claims being made by “So called experts” about everything to do with the Spirits World. Where the…

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Gin, Gin & more Gin

3 July, 2018

I visited a very upmarket outlet today and of course viewed all 0f the spirituous drinks on display. We had the usual Malt whisky suspects on the shelves even up to 60 Y/O. However the average price for a really well known suspect (without naming names) was around £35.00 per 70 cl bottle. That’s absolutely…

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