Time for another shake up or stick with the status quo ?

When I entered this great industry 58 years ago it was just so different to what is the norm today.

That is not to say it necessarily was better, or worse, BUT, well, different.

Emptying coal wagons was quite normal, breaking up the large lumps of coal was quite normal, carrying on your back up outside stairs (no handrail) 2 cwts. of barley to the barley loft was quite normal. Btw those tasks were just part & parcel of one’s designated job, of let’s say the stillman, or the maltman. It was recognised that this is how the distillery worked!

Nowadays things are very different, and that is also not to say necessarily better, or worse, BUT well, different.

What about the whisky however, 58 years ago Better or Worse ?

2018 whisky Better or Worse ?

Thought provoking is it not ?


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John McDougall