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I have been in & around the distilled spirits business for almost 60 years as an employee for 35 and as self employed for nearly 24 years. Fascinating and forever stimulating how I would describe my career which has provided me with so many different experiences – some not so good of course, but Mostly Good – I am currently very involved in a few extremely absorbing projects indifferent parts of the world and to say I am excited about them would be be putting it mildly. The sheer joy of getting up in the morning and knowing that you will be pursuing your life long full time “Hobby” is unbelievable. Most recently I am returned from Upper Assam, India where I am much involved with new product developments and having just launched Castle Hill “Dark Knight” a 30 months fully matured all corn whiskey I find that I just get ever more excited about the future in this Great World wide Spirits “Family”. People sometimes ask me if I do not feel like retiring ? Answer to that question is an emphatic NO ! So long as I am inclined to continue “Living My Dream” and passing on knowledge to the next generation I most certainly will….Slainthe’ Mhath//John 

knowledge to the next 

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