New Distilleries

I have followed with great interest the continued ongoing distilleries developments taking place across the globe. All of these developments are of course to be welcomed, but there should also be a note of caution here. Very often things can be “over egged” in our desire to cash in so to speak. I make reference to all types of distillery, but especially whisk(e)y and Gin. Also the locations around the the world where they are located. In recent years it is has become more & more obvious that whisk(e)y can be produced in many countries, some Good, some not so good, and some awful. The notion that any one country has exclusivity in this field is “Tosh”. Good products will always find a market no matter from where they are produced. Same goes for Gin. However, much though innovation is to be celebrated, the continual drive for different finishes for whisk(e)y and infusions etc. for Gin “muddies” the waters. Because what then is the Real Glen Panic ? Is it the original spirit matured in “unadulterated” casks or is it something quite different ? The same goes for Gin. I can only opine that I don’t think (for example) that Rhubarb, and other exotic additions do much for this iconic beverage. There is also the question of course as to how and where much of the Gin (and Vodka) new spirit is actually distilled ?? I cannot imagine for one moment that any of these artificially flavoured would have gone down very well in days of the Raj !! But, who am I to say, other than good luck to the eventual winners in this global game.

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John McDougall