Posting Again….Time Flies!

How time flies ! It seems no time at all since I began sending news letters to Germany.

I was going through some old stuff earlier today, and I stumbled across the 1st of such communications produced 19 years ago! Yes, that’s correct, 19 years ago. Gosh it seems just like yesterday but it demonstrates precisely what I mean by time flying.

Much has happened and much has changed in the world of whisky (Scotch) in the interim. Some distilleries have closed, some have opened and some have re-opened and there have been several changes of company/distillery ownership. Nothing stays the same forever, because in the larger scheme of things there is actually no forever. Life is only temporary, just a blink of an eyelid. However that blink can be very rewarding in the broadest sense of the word.

We are lucky to be involved in an industry producing delicious products which can bring such joy to the world, but if mis-used can also bring consequences of an extremely devastating nature.

It has been reported that much of today’s younger generation (at least in GB) have turned their backs on alcoholic beverages, but there must be a fear that other perhaps more potentially devastating recreational “tools” are being employed to replace alcohol…in this case, the Golden Nectar ?

Which brings me back to 19 years ago when society appeared to be experiencing similar problems with itself. Like we are experiencing today.

Although much has happened and much has changed, actually some things will never change, just be presented in a different form. //John.



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