Dislocation Relocation et al

I posted in November that I had buggered my shoulder whilst on 1st vacation for approx. 10 years during the month of October.

You can readily recognise that vacations and me are not particularly compatible bedfellows !

My re-hab programme is painfully slow (also painful!), but then I am told that I am a very impatient fellow (Not True At All) !

I have now clocked up several visits to see orthopaedic consultants, had x-rays, and scans plus I am on a programme of physiotherapy with more to follow.

It appears that I have severed nerves in my shoulder/upper arm, which has made my left arm not too clever at all, to say the least !

However, with patience (that reference again !) It will all come good given time.

This episode has had me feeling “up & down”, frustrated and even angry, but of course that is ridiculous because it will not make the injury disappear any more quickly than it’s natural course will dictate.

I am very lucky indeed that I did not bang my head and it was my shoulder instead. I dread to think what the outcome could have been.

Life is a carousel, but in reality it really is only a “flick” of an eyelid in the bigger scheme of things, and it is important to recognise this fact. It is also important to grasp the moment and enjoy as much as you can of the precious gift of life. //John

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