Spirits Shelves in Drinks Isles in Supermarkets

I have been out and about recently. We are in tier 2 so it is not too bad being able to wander a little bit. Obviously, there is shopping to do, so when my wife is doing that, I roam around looking at other things in the store. Naturally I gravitate to the drinks section, and being essentially first and foremost a whisky man, I am astounded at how little shelf space is now allocated for the “KING” of all drinks. This is definitely down to the huge upsurge in the number of Gins now available. I find it impossible to believe that they are all viable and would have my doubts regarding the longevity, and staying power of some of the brands on these same shelves. Also, the question must be addressed in relation to some of the prices of many of these “New” products ? I cannot conceive of any bottle of what is in essence reduced strength neutral spirit which could in all possibility be distilled, compounded etc., with in a Very short space of time, (No costly maturation required) displaying on the shelves, at more expensive than quite a few 10 Y/O Single Malt whiskies ! This is Crazy Stuff ! There are a few exceptions of course as there are one or two really Special and Exclusive Gins, which have been “Matured” in casks of some sort. However, I suppose like many fmcg it is mostly a matter of perception, and if the various business models work for the Brands which they represent, then so be it. Longer term ? We will see !! In the meantime Slainthe Mhath with a Good Dram of Single Malt WHISKY !

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John McDougall