In The Moon Harbour Bunker, Moon Harbour Destillerie, Bordeaux, France.

I am very excited to learn of the launch of The Moon Harbour Own distillations of Dock 1 and Dock 2 Whiskies this week. ! These two whiskies are of course distilled in the “One & Only” Moon Harbour Destillerie, Bordeaux, France. Dock 1 is a Single Malt, and Dock 2 is a “First”. It is produced from Malted Maize, the maize, like the malted barley having been grown in the Local area around Bordeaux. I am very honoured to have been involved from start in 2014 to this point in this bold adventure which is the Brain (Children !) of two human dynamos, Yves Medina, and Jean-Philippe Ballanger. The destillerie is on the old site of an old German U Boat refuelling depot, and where I am in the photo is inside the old refuelling bunker which has been converted in to a fantastic maturing facility. The casks used for maturation are as you would expect expertly chosen and come from top wineries in the region. It really has to be seen to be believed. Moon Harbour has come a very long way in it’s short life, and I know it has a Very Long way to travel. AND the Whisky is truly Memorable !

BRAVO et Bon Chance !! // John

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