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Spirits Shelves in Drinks Isles in Supermarkets

19 November, 2020

I have been out and about recently. We are in tier 2 so it is not too bad being able to wander a little bit. Obviously, there is shopping to do, so when my wife is doing that, I roam around looking at other things in the store. Naturally I gravitate to the drinks section,…

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Live Your Dream

23 November, 2019

I have been in & around the distilled spirits business for almost 60 years as an employee for 35 and as self employed for nearly 24 years. Fascinating and forever stimulating how I would describe my career which has provided me with so many different experiences – some not so good of course, but Mostly…

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8 May, 2019

The world wide whisk(e)y business is Beating with a strong heart. All one has to do is look and observe with either admiration, or trepidation as to what the end of the current cycle will bring with it. Will it bring success ? even overnight success ( I am still waiting for that to happen…

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New Distilleries

4 April, 2019

I have followed with great interest the continued ongoing distilleries developments taking place across the globe. All of these developments are of course to be welcomed, but there should also be a note of caution here. Very often things can be “over egged” in our desire to cash in so to speak. I make reference…

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Posting Again….Time Flies!

11 February, 2019

How time flies ! It seems no time at all since I began sending news letters to Germany. I was going through some old stuff earlier today, and I stumbled across the 1st of such communications produced 19 years ago! Yes, that’s correct, 19 years ago. Gosh it seems just like yesterday but it demonstrates precisely…

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Dislocation Relocation et al

18 December, 2018

I posted in November that I had buggered my shoulder whilst on 1st vacation for approx. 10 years during the month of October. You can readily recognise that vacations and me are not particularly compatible bedfellows ! My re-hab programme is painfully slow (also painful!), but then I am told that I am a very…

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Whisky, Whisky, Whisky.

9 November, 2018

I am pissed off with All The crap I keep reading about this Malt or This One, It is Amazing the crap that keeps on being perportrated  by by So Called Experts is Actually Believed. ” So Called Experts” Think No Further !!!! //John But Actually the real deal  

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Gin Gin Gin & Yet More Gin.

8 November, 2018

Neutral spirit, plus some adjustments now appears to = Gin….in many offerings now available on the shelves. I have taken it upon myself to test as many of these new arrivals as possible, with very mixed results. Some of the new entries are atrocious, pure and simple. have neutral spirit, compound (mix) with flavourisers Hey…

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Master Distiller Dave Pickerill

8 November, 2018

I was sadend to  learn of Dave’s death. I did not know him well, but I met him a few times in the early noughties. Dave certainly knew his stuff, and with his passing there disappears another walking living fount of knowledge. You gave much Dave, and may you now Rest In Peace. John McDougall

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28 October, 2018

First vacation for years! Broke my shoulder on 1st night. Spent all next day in hospital ! Morphined to the Hilt…..Making stupid utterances, but the hospital staff in Hereford were great. They said that even under Very Heavy Sedation That I had them ALL laughing and crying their eyes out. Me ? I got A…

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