Whisky Snobs/Snobbery

This is an area which really gets under my skin.

For almost 60 years I have lived, breathed, and drunk whisky.

Whisky is for the masses.

Ask Robert Burns, so where does the snobbery emanate ?

Well, this is a complex issue, originally the hard working orra man of olden times on the farms and in the fields produced Aqua Vitae.

Fast forward to the more subtle of the species, and after many moons, whisky distilling became legal….We don’t the Smith / Glenilvet story anymore, that is history!

But, what I find slightly infuriating is the arrogance, perceived or otherwise, of some of today’s whisky Reps., one of which recently actually told me in an airport lounge that he was an expert and there was nothing at all he could learn from anyone about anything to do with Scotch whisky. This Young man it transpired was a Rep. for a Very Well known Scottish whisky producer (I will keep them Nameless, but this is a VERY significant player). The Airport lounge in question was Dubai, and when he deigned to ask me what I did ? I told him a bit about whisky over decades in the business, he suddenly dropped his drink, and said his embarrassing goodbyes.

Whisky snobbery ? it starts & finishes at The “TOP” I’m afraid, and it is BAD for the market that they imagine to conquer.

Come on chaps, This is seriously not good.



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John McDougall