I am Human

I find it furiously infuriating that I cannot get into my own site without ticking a box saying I’m Human.

For God’s sake I think I have been human for quite a number of years, so why do I have to have this shit ?

Apart from my rant, life in whisk(e)y goes on although I do see that Diageo is complaining that because of Global currency fluctuations, their profits will fall by £45m this fiscal year. Not too bad for a global business that like Amazon, Starbucks, Google, and others do not pay more than a mere pittance in Corporation tax in the UK.

Let’s not have any bullshit about “Well we employ ???’000’s of employees” and they pay PAYE…..That is pure rubbish !!

UK Govt. of whatever colour or persuasion please go after these cretins, and get OUR MONEY IN TAXES !!



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John McDougall