A Life in the Day of John Part 2

I talked yesterday about the comparison between the old and the not so old whisky being produced and bottled in this Suntory “Jewel in the crown” It is important to remember that it IS NOT rocket science to produce great whisky. The problem we all have nowadays is that everyone is “So Damned Clever” !! At least that is what we of a certain generation would be led to believe. NOT SO I can assure you. Certainly not in this business, although you could be forgiven for thinking along the Eureka lines of Archimedes listening to some of the opinions expressed around the globe. Now don’t get me wrong, questioning and debate are healthy pastimes, and should be encouraged, after all without this type of approach we would still have the square wheel in motor cars powered by “Fred Flintstone” !

Getting back to whisky however, I cannot help but reach the conclusion that perhaps we are actually getting “So Damned Clever” and forgetting (or plain ignoring) basic principles of Malting, Milling, Mashing, Fermenting and distilling, not forgetting maturation of course. No rocket science there then, is there ?

If you would like me to “Blog On” in future postings along the old basics lines then I will, but there can be no guarantee that I will manage to Blog every week as I DO have commitments in various parts of the world.

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