Small distilleries

The current Explosion of small distilleries, particularly Gin, is reminiscent of the Gin boom in the 1900’s.

London was the home of Gin and almost everyone (and their Granny) was able to distil and produce something approaching what is recognisable as gin today.

Of course times change, attitudes also have changed, the industry is better controlled now with rules and regulations which did not exist in those earlier times…and a good job too!!

Whisky also had it’s moments in earlier times ! For example Campbeltown boasted 36 legitimate malt distilleries at the beginning of the 20th century. At one time of course, Campbeltown was the whisky capital of Scotland and indeed is credited with introducing the nectar eventually to the rest of proud Albion.

As an aside, Campbeltown was also able to boast around 300 places where “whisky” distillation took place. So it seems that there really is nothing new with this current Explosion…In Principle !!!


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John McDougall