From little Acorns !!!

This is the original still at Mack Myra Destilleri, Gavle, Sweden.

I cannot remember exactly when Mack Myra swung in to action, but my best guess would be, around 15-18 years ago. Max.

Well, how they have worked and prospered ! I have visited there, once or twice over the years, and have always been struck with their ability to be flexible in their approach to this business. Of course they have expanded their facilities, and indeed have constructed a new  destilleri which is worked exclusively by gravity. So, very little pollution there. Extremely well done Magnus and your team!

It makes me wonder why so many (in fact nearly 100%) of the new builds which have recently taken place, or are indeed in the process of taking place, why they have in many cases such grandiose ideas of large production levels, and then building plant & equipment in order to produce sizeable litreages which in fact might be more of a potential liability than an asset ?

I wish to make it quite clear that I am all for the entrepreneur and progress. However I am a realist too, and as I have said before, there are dangers which will inevitably appear in the shape of over production at some point in the future.

Unfortunately not all Little Acorns convert to grow in to Great Oaks.


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John McDougall