Whisky Whisky & More Whisky

The problem is, that nowadays really good whisky can be distilled, matured and bottled in almost any country in the world.

Not really a problem !! Actually this is tremendous, because no one country should ever be able to claim that they are either the Best or Indeed invented “The Cratur”.

I know that what I say will upset a few narrow minded pundits, But I really don’t care.

All this nonsense which is propounded usullaly by those who have Never actually worked in the “Mainstream” is quite funny, hilarious if you like.

However, we all have to live together.

Me? Well I’m not quite sure….I certainly never toady up to others….Why should I ?

Anyway I will continue to do things in different parts of the world, and things that a lot of others cannot do.


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John McDougall