We are a brilliant nation.

We have given so much to the world.

Like, in no particular order, Pennicillin, The Steam engine, Television, telephone, Gave Ship building to the world, have produced so many world changing people.

Again in no particular order, Mary Slessor, David Livingstone, James Watt, Scott Logie Baird, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Bob McIntyre, and just so Many More.

But, we cannot afford for one day to live on past laurels.

It will not work. indeed it it cannot work.

Forget the emotion, the “Wha’s like us” nonsense.

So, where is Scotch going ?

Difficult to say, but under present leadership, (mostly from outwith the UK, Never mind Scotland), quite possibly up a dark alley.

I love this little Nation, but that is what it is, an important part of something much larger called Great Britain.

// John

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John McDougall