The World of Experts

The world appears to be chock full of “experts” these days. You can hardly turn on an information or documentary programme without being subjected to at least one “expert” !

Now, there is nothing wrong with Genuine Experts, that’s ok, but I really “Rail” when we are subjected to the type of “expert” who quite frankly is no more of an “expert in his, or her chosen subject that you or me. In fact I begin to wonder how they qualify to be an “expert”.

I’ve been in the whisky business for 54 years, yet I do not consider myself all that special really. Ok I know a lot, but that comes from my experiences over the years, and I’m learning now, every single day. In fact how some “experts” can even have the gall to describe themselves, or be described as such, is a mystery to me, it is an anathma, and indeed is not right.

Obviously there are people who are clearly well on their way to becoming experts” in their chosen fields, and good luck to them.

In the meantime I’m going to continue learning my craft!

An expert is…….Someone who has learned Much but it is Never Enough.



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John McDougall