Let’s Clear the Air

Nicola Sturgeon the 1st minister of the Parliament in Edinburgh, has only this week hailed the Scotch Whisky Industry as a winner for Scotland’s economy.

That is really amusing for me as I well recall Winifred Ewing in circa 1974/5 when she was MP for Moray & Nairn and was canvassing at the time I was Running Tormore Distillery in her Constituency on Speyside.

She appeared quite unannounced on our land. in my Distillery to talk Nat stuff to my workforce.

I challenged her about this and she came out with rubbish about how Scotland’s oil will outstrip everything for ever, and that the whisky industry was not the bees knees !

Really ??

Her  son Fergus is now the energy Genius for Scotland.

He apparently is now in love with wind turbines,  having castigated them unmercifully in circa 2007.

There is not a lot of mention about the north sea at this point in time !!

A Wash Still HeadIt’s amazing how peoples’ minds can be changed for better or for worse.

That’s human nature of course, and there is nowt so queer as folk !

So, I’m glad to see that our national drink is back in favour !

If it was not so sad & serious it would be hiliarious.



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John McDougall