Whisky World Happenings

There is certainly a lot happening in the Whisky World. A new Distillery was opened early this week at Carron on Speyside, it has been built by Chivas Bros., who are committing investment of £60m per annum in Scotland over the next few years. there has also been recently opened the Kings Barns Distillery in Fife, plus the the re-opening of the Annandale Distillery nesr Langholm in the Scottish Borders. There are one or two more in the pipeline, and so the large companies, like Chivas, plus the small entrpreneurial players are “Keeping the Faith” in a manner of speaking.

I personally am involved in the early stages of a small Distillery in the Lowland Region of Scotland, plus I’m busy in France, Ireland, and India.

Ces’t la vie!


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John McDougall