Will Blended Malt be the saviour of the Malt Category ?

This is a very vexed question.

Without going into the why’s and wherefores of this argument I have always believed that there is a place for Vatted Malts (Sorry Blended, as a result of Diageo’s ignorant attempt to convert the wonderful Cardhu Single Malt) into a Pure Malt Brand in the early 000’s.

This was a shocking move to try and dupe the public at large into thinking that they were going to be drinking “The Cardhu”. In other words Badge Engineering.

Now, moving on form that disgraceful episode, it actually looks in an inverted way that that monolith may have done us all a favour. Blended Malts are gaining traction, and why not. I blend them myself for JMCD’s brand name and also I contract blend for others. After a slow start they are beginning to look promising, so let’s carry on.

Actually there is most likely more skill in blending than only choosing a single cask!

So, Let’s get Blended !!!!!!!



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John McDougall