The Transparency Campaign In Scotch Whisky.

This is a bit like the debate regarding the In/Out EU Referendum soon to get into full swing.

You either like the idea or you don’t like the idea.

Tranparency and simplicity go together, but in fact are very unlikely bed fellows.

On the one hand it could be argued that by being transparent in the manner in which is now being advocated by some,

this will unlock any suspicions on the part of consumers that they are being taken for”Mugs”.

That is a fair point of course, because none of us like to treated in this fashion if we are honest.

On the other hand why should producers with a very long history of manufacturing excellent products divulge to the world at large their secrets of success….aka IP.

I can think of many products in the food and drink businesses which do (as it happens) produce to old and secret formulae (I actually don’t like the description of recipes in whisky…a bit naff!).

Also, by giving up a set of IP’s this would have the effect of dumbing down (usually leading to the lowest common denominator), and we might as well have one bloody great booze factory located somewhere between Glasgow and Edinburgh, churning out Bland spirits, and of course in this scenario most likely around 100 malt distilleries around Scotland would close! There would be no need for the different spirits/whiskies, because all offerings would be the same.

Whisky producers in other parts of the world would be delighted at a turn of events like this.

If it aint broke why fix it ?



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John McDougall