A little Anecdote from a previous age

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I think one of the worst experiences for me as a young assistant manager was the Cooper’s feet at Dailuaine Distillery. You would imagine that in the cask Filling Store the only pervading aroma would be the pleasant smell of fresh New Spirit. NOT so, the pong from the feet of the cooper overpowered even the strongest fumes escaping in the Spirit Store to the extent we became concerned that the spirit itself might become contaminated !! It was all very embarrasing because nobody wanted to be within whiffing distance, and even the Exciseman’s Irish Wolfhound Seamus would run in the other direction if Davie approached!! We offered in the nicest possible way to try and get him professional help with his size 12’s, but he declined on several occasions stating that he did’nt have the problem it was Everybody else who did!! I think he often wondered why he always ended up alone whilst eating his sandwiches! However as he was oblivious to the difficulty I don’t suppose he much cared!!

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John McDougall