When I went to Laphroaig in April 1970, I realised that I had been given the opportunity to be in charge of somewhere truly Special within the Scotch Whisky Industry.

This was borne out as my tenure ran it’s course, and I was equally blessed to have benefitted from the wise counsel given me by the Late Great Bessie Williamson, who was even at that time the Chairman of D Johnston (Laphroaig) Ltd., which was being systematically bought out by Long John Distilleries Ltd., who had employed me.

During my 4 years at Laphroaig, I oversaw the Construction of a new water storage dam, the building of two new whisky storage warehouses, the addition of 2 stills,, the addition of 3 new fermenters, the construction of cask preparation and filling areas and the installation of a draff dryer.

Yes, busy times indeed !!!

More to follow soon.




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