“Interesting things keep on happening”

Since I returned from Dingle just over a week ago following the occasion of the 3rd Founding Fathers Event a lifetime of things have been happening.

As some of you know I also buy and sell casks of Whisk(e)y, Cognac, Rum, Port….you name it, well almost !!

I’m a small guy in a big pool but I really have loads of fun sourcing good casks, keeping some of course, and making others available for sale, should the need arise !

This activity keeps me busy when I’m not “Full On” with consulting work in various places around the globe. So, I’ve been dealing a bit this last week or so.

Then my annual meeting with our Bankers took place mid week, followed by meetings with our Lawyers and Accountants, just for good measure.

In the meantime I had a visit to the dentist and the optician….a man needs to go in for a service just like his car !!

The point I’m making is quite simply, that business, Large or Tiny does not run itself, it has to be nurtured, cuddled, caressed even.

This way, if you look after your business it will look after you….. a bit like a marriage really.

For me, and I know that lot’s of you have heard this ad nauseum, but I am wedded to what I do. Period!

BTW The featured image is taken in Pittsburgh, near the top of the “Incline”.

// John


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