From time to time one happens to read thought provoking text.

I have read recently that some “Bright Spark” or “Sparks” are absolutely not in favour of finishing whisk(e)y in cask othe than the ones originally filled.

This is fine, and I agree with several of “the Sparks’ ” sentiments. However we live in the 21st century, everything has changed during my time on the planet, including the methods of producing new make whisk(e)y spirit.

How can it be argued that Scotch, for example is adulterated if after maturing for say 10 years in Bourbon then finished for 1 year in a Sauternes wine cask it is not Scotch ?

Ok, Ok, I hear the arguments and I don’t disagree with all of them, but if we had as a world adopted the attitude of never thinking about development, we would still have the square wheel.


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John McDougall