Aultmore 1963

54 years ago this month I went as a young man to begin learning the art of distilling.

I had already been occupied in barley and malting activities for several years beforehand , so the brewing and distilling side was a natural follow on for me.

I am not going to ramble on and “blow my own trumpet” there is no need for that, but I came across the other day an entire set of my hand written notes scribed over around 3-4 years and all about how it was in the early 60’s….Actually I found it quite fascinating, believe it or not!

The picture here is the Aultmore still house circa 1997 (?) and it certainly is a Big Bit Different to the distillery I started my whisky education in 1963.

Fyi I am now busier than ever, around the world, “doing stuff” and with no plans for an early retirement.

Why would you ?


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