2018 and New Adventures

I have had, and am still having a great time making whisky, whiskey, gin, vodka, in many different parts of the world.

It continues to stimulate me, like a “Drug”, like riding fast motor cycles, or driving fast cars, whatever your fancy may be.

But it always comes back to the fundamental of crafting perfect alcoholic beverages.

In the above picture you can see the Box Destilleri which I designed and which we commissioned in 2010.

I love doing things like that, and of course this was one of many such projects scattered around the globe with which I have been deeply involved.

Next year perhaps it will be time for me to eventually construct a distillery for me.

Plans are on the drawing board, nothing fancy, nothing bloated, but just a lovely easy distillery, of some description.

Whisky, Gin, et al, not sure yet but time will tell.



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John McDougall