Transparency Campaign in Scotch Whisky……..What will be the next PC crusade ?

Following up on my post regarding Transparency in Scotch Whisky, I have no doubt that it is a very well intentioned sentiment and being promoted by very well intentioned people.

It is a bit like Liberalism in the broadest sense, and I share many of the Liberals’ views.

However, it is nonsense to suggest that all of the views expressed on this transparency issue are universally held, indeed They Are Not!

And why should they be ?

Some who have been in the Business for many years do not purport to be oracles, but by the same token. those with a short track record in the business (no matter how successful they appear to have been in that short time) should tread extremely warily.

Knowledge, real or imaginary may be one thing, real Heritage is an entirely different matter.

So, What will be the next Crusade in the continuing downward spiral to the lowest common denominator ?

// John

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John McDougall