Secrets of a Long Life

James Hogg – a shepherd from the Ettrick area in the Scottish Border country – wrote in previous times that “if a body knew the exact quantity/ of whisky to take each day and stuck to that dose, I verily trow that he might leave for ever, and that doctors and Kirlryards (Church graveyards) would go out o’ fashion” (out of business).

Whisky – Scotch Whisky – “The Water of Life” has had many claims made of it and it is fair to assume that at least some of these claims has credibility.
We read and hear more and nore ofpeople living longer than ever before and all kinds of explanations are given for this phenomenom, but what do doctors really know? I asked a doctor rocently wlrat I would need to do to live to be 100 years old, and was told that I should eat a balanced diet plenty of fish, fruit and vegetables, cut out the red meat, take plenty of exercise, limit the levels o fstress, and definitely do not smoke. I was also told that alcohol in moderation was acceptable. GOOD, some sensible advice. Then I thought a bit more about Long Life and read that a Lady in Staffordshire, England who was recently 114 years old and was declared the worlds oldest person by the Guinness book of records attributed longevity or “a balanced diet and hard work” but more specifically to a daily glass of Scotch Whisky and a portion of boiled onions! Well, I’m not sure about the onions but I agree with the Whisky!!

Drink seems to loom large in the lives of centenarians I rcad that a gentleman who was the previous holder ofthe “Oldest Man in Britain” title and who died in 1997 aged 109 years, enioyed a daily dram which he mixed with orange and honey. Sounds better than boiled onions to me, but then again he was only 109 and not 114. So maybe the blend of whisky and boiled onions is the answer, I don’t suppose that we will ever know.
What I can say with absolute certainty is that I have a relative who is now in his 97th, year, and he has taken a measured amount of Scotch Whisky in two cups of tea per day (one in the morning at breakfast, and the last thing before bedtime) since he retired over 30 years ago.  He is quite amazing, and he talks about all ofthe other old people he knows, who mostly are at least 15 to 25 years younger than he is! He advises them to adopt his blend of tea and whisky if they wish to lengthen and enjoy good health and many more years on this earth.
So, my family is doing it’s best to promote our National product,I do not know if I will live to be 100. but I intend to give it my best shot.  I have advised my felative on various malts for his tea.  His favourite by far is Glenfarclas.


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John McDougall