Scotch v Reast of the World Whiskies

It seems to me that Scotch is encountering more robust competition than it has done for most of my career, which spans 55 years.

Why should this be so ?

Because nothing stays the same forever, and tastes change as do people.

Life moves on and the old addage that “Wha’s Like Us, Damned Few and They are A’ Deid” just does not cut it any more.

It’s a wonderful sentiment of course, and I approve of it on a strictly personal level, but not now on a global level.

So, in whisky terms “Wha’s Like Us” ?

Well plenty of countries actually, and whereas Scotch has dominated for half a century or more, there is a distinct wind of change blowing.

This is not a bad development, in fact it is thoroughly good.

There is room for everyone, to produce Great Whisk(e)y then ply their products to an eager public, one which is more adventurous in “The Cratur” than at any point in my life time.

I am all in favour of Whisk(e) diversity, so let it grow and prosper, and see where it goes ????

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John McDougall