New Distillery BUILD IDEAS

I have always harboured the idea of building a Distillery to Exactly to my way of thinking.

We have a Beaurocracy in the UK, and I’m afraid also in the EU, where it is ever more increasingly difficult to realise one’s dreams.

It does appear, not only to me but to other ideas people, that the so called “Powers that be” in The “UKEUROUNION”…..(Now there is a good word !!)

actually have Absolutely No Interest Whatsoever in Entrepreneurialism.

This is of course part of the “SICKNESS” which currently afflicts the whole of Europe.

I Hope to be able to build a nice little Distillery somewhere in Scotland before to much longer.

The problem already encountered even at a very local level is “That it will not be allowed ” !!

How is that for progressiveness ??

No matter that we would be paying all kinds of spurious taxes, and providing work for at least some employees, that is not allowed !

Ok though to build these disgusting windfarms, who employ nobody, but make fortunes for the con merchants who perpetrate them, and Ruin our beautiful countryside.

Enough said…..For Just now.


PS…. Look No Turbines, This is the Cromarty Firth, way North of Inverness….Unscarred !!




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John McDougall