First vacation for years!

Broke my shoulder on 1st night.

Spent all next day in hospital !

Morphined to the Hilt…..Making stupid utterances, but the hospital staff in Hereford were great.

They said that even under Very Heavy Sedation That I had them ALL laughing and crying their eyes out.

Me ? I got A Chauffeur Driven Ambulance tour of Shropshire & Herefordshire.

In A Bed At That !! While the Paramedics were busy pumping me full of Morphine.

Actually, my sense of humour sometimes worries even me, because i see the funny side quite often.

I have visited the dark side too often,AND That Is Definitely Not Funny.

I have almost been there a few times over the past week or so, Very Close in Fact.

I am now trying to recover from a traumatic period in my life…..Personal, NOT Business.

McDougall Motto translated ? VICTORY OR DEATH !!

All The Best


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