Moon Harbour Distillery Project-Bordeaux…It’s getting Interesting!

The top start of construction of the Moon Harbor distillery, which will manufacture the Bordeaux whiskey of the same name, was given yesterday. It will be delivered in June.

The first stone of the distillery of Moon Harbor, another way to say Port of the Moon (for Bordeaux), was laid last night behind the submarine base of the regional capital, at the foot of a huge bunker built by the Kriegsmarine during the Occupation to refuel the submarines. With a capacity of four million liters, this bunker did not have time to serve and it is in the enormous reservoir that it hides that will be stored the barrels having contained large sauternes where will age for three years The first Bordeaux whiskey.

The two co-founders of Moon Harbor, Yves Médina and Jean-Philippe Ballanger (boss of the Bordeaux company Jock) were accompanied by John McDougall, a Scottish master who is renowned worldwide for his expertise in whiskey assembly and distillation. It was he who oversaw the manufacture of the very first whiskey in the colors of Moon Harbor. A hundred guests had responded. Regional Adviser (PS) of New Aquitaine but also county councilor of the canton Philippe Dorthe, very attached to the port area of Bacalan and the Bassins afloat, participated in this laying of the first stone accompanied by Corinne Guillemot, his binomial to the Council departmental.

“Insane that nobody thought of it before”
The € 3 million investment by the Moon Harbor founders, which will result in the creation of a new industrial activity that creates jobs in the port area of the basins afloat, is supported by the communities and Particularly the region of New-Aquitaine, to the tune of 600,000 €, but also by Bpifrance since innovative techniques will be developed there.

“The revitalization of this area is a priority because the distillery will create productive jobs with high added value and manufactured goods, and it is necessary to reinvest productive employment as quickly as possible in this area. 1.400 € net per month Here, in the port area, jobs will be created between 1,800 and 3,000 € net per month “, underlined Philippe Dorthe.

Jean-Philippe Ballanger is on his side returned on this scenario in the course of writing.

“When we asked to create this distillery we were told you are in Bordeaux, you will never have the authorization. Once we have the authorization we are told you will be obliged to use Then, we managed to find a manufacturer of Bordeaux stills, the house Stupfler, in Bègles, it rewound. And then John Mc Dougall said to us, continued Jean-Philippe Ballanger, that it was Insane that nobody ever thought of making whiskey in Bordeaux, a world famous city, with an ideal climate.

This is an error of appreciation that is being corrected. The inauguration of this distillery of 800 m2, adjacent to the German bunker, is scheduled for June 18, 2017.
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