Moon Harbour Bordeaux

Things are stirring in the most fabulous way in Bordeaux.

I am very involved as consultant in the establishment and development of an Exciting new project in the south west of France.

We are going to produce the most fantastic spirit (French Whisky) called Moon Harbour in the harbour area of this wondeful and Historic City, which was home to some of the U Boats during WW II.

We have been conducting pilot trials of and on for the past 6 months, and we believe that we have “cracked it” with regards to Spirit Quality and Cask selection.

The stills are novel, and will be manufactured by Stupfler Alembics which company is located in the Bordeaux area.

We hope to commence distilling operations late next year….2016, and in the meantime will bring out a lovely whisky of highest quality which I have been instrumental in formulating for the Moon Harbour company. This whisky which will come from Sauternes casks will be an appetiser for the Market(s) and will demonstrate the Quality levels to which our own Bordeaux distilled Whisky must aspire.

So, Watch this Space

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John McDougall