Looking to the Future–A bit of a re-run plus fresh comment

re: looking to the future

Looking to the future is the only way forward. There is of course no harm at all in looking backwards in order to gain insight (s) for going forwards, but when driving any kind of vehicle if one looks behind, then one is pretty well guaranteed to hit something in front. Part of the thrill of working and running a small business enterprise is the uncertainty of it all, not knowing what each week (never mind each month) might bring. Of course it would be stupid to suggest that no plan, or at least outline vision existed, for the future well being of the business, but it’s the things that turn up that we do not know about in advance, which can either be agreeable or disagreeable. Either way whatever does present itself must be dealt with. That’s part of the thrill !

“Time and Tide Stops For No Man”.

That Is Also Part Of The Thrill.

Actually the older I get the more my attitude changes to lot’s of things. Obviously I am no longer involved in shaping the Industry (Whisky in particular), as I once was many moons ago (at least I think I was !) and whilst recognising this fact, it has opened up amazing new avenues of exploration for me over the years, for which I am eternally grateful.

So, it is my intention to have fun going forward. Business although serious ought also to be enjoyed, something which I fear is often overlooked. Just a small example of not really enjoying business is this quote from an interview a recently read about and the extremely serious and intense young person said “Every second of every minute of every hour over each day of 24 hours is absolutely critical to the success of your business”. That’s fine, but it’s not the way I see how a business ought to be run. I understand the philosophy, but do not appreciate the carrying out of it.

The actual “Joy of Work” is special. That is my philosophy.

Therefore because it is so joyful, I have NO intention of stopping doing what I love, any time soon.

Below is Tormore Distillery on Speyside. I was Manager there from 1974 to 1977. It was the 1st all new distillery to be built in Scotland in the 20th century….What a privelege that was !!

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