Looking Ahead Part 2 – To The Future

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Looking to the future is the only way forward. There is of course no harm at all in looking backwards in order to gain insight (s) for going forwards, but when driving any kind of vehicle if one looks behind, then one is pretty well guaranteed to hit something in front. Part of the thrill of working and running a small business enterprise is the uncertainty of it all, not knowing what each week (never mind each month) might bring. Of course it would be stupid to suggest that no plan, or at least outline vision existed, for the future well being of the business, but it’s the things that turn up that we do not know about in advance, which can either be agreeable or disagreeable. Either way whatever does present itself must be dealt with. That’s part of the thrill !

“Time and Tide Stops For No Man”.

That Is Also Part Of The Thrill.

John McDougall

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