The problem is that everyone from outside of this coastline has absolutely no idea of how powerful it can be.

Just look at the attached photo of the Wonderful, Brilliant coastline just 500 metres from chez John.

We live in a great place, (like a lot of others around the planet), but where I live is pretty Special.

Ok, we can all find faults with our lives in one way or another.

Trying being “Broke” (money is not everything, But It Is, Actually!) like we were in 1999, and working like Hell to Go again.

Been There Done It Got The T Shirt !!!! I was 54 Y/O at the time, not good for having a bit of a problem !!

As A result I have no time at all for young people or indeed others who bring me “Sob Stories” of how hard it is etc. etc. etc.

And It’s Ok for you with your lovely house, cars etc.,……..”Just try getting up at 2 am and driving to an airport then travelling up to 24 hours and straight in to a business meeting”

Then tell me how OK it is to have what we have…..Get Real !

My resolve is not like everyone else’s because I knew that  with the right support (of my Dear Wife Lady P), We could come back again.

Anyway here we are Hale & Hearty.






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