Laphroaig 1970

I may go to Laphroaig Distillery again, quite soon.

Afterall this is the year of it’s 200th anniversary.

Pretty impressive I would say.

When I went there as Manager in late April 1970 It was a very different place.

My annual maintenance Budget was set from HO at £2,000.00 for the budget year.

I nearly collapsed, because at Balvenie next to Glenfiddich at Dufftown from whence I had come, my annual maintenace Budget was at least twice that figure.

Laphroaig also suffered from very low spirit yields, 2.54 Proof Gallons per Bushel in those days’ terminology.

Or only 343.0 Litres of alcohol per tonne in today’s parlance.

Yes, times have changed, ownwership has changed, (far too much imo) but things move on.

If and when I have been and visited Laphroaig again, I will post much, much more of authenticity, at least of my tenure at This world famous Distillery.






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