It’s a Dram Good Life !!!

I once knew a man who used to take a pailful, now he only takes a bucket but his favourite tipple in these days was Teachers. His wife used to give him the money to buy his Teachers, then demanded he turn it over to her in order that she may dispense the dosages to him. Unbeknown to him however, she used to dilute it 50/50 with water whereupon he would then add water to what he surmised was 40% alcohol and would drink the stuff like there was no tomorrow. After many years of becoming moderately pickled in this spirit, his son who had progressed in the World came home one day and knowing of his mother’s penchant for dispensing the dram, decided to pour his dad a large Lagavulin. Well can you imagine!! After the dram was poured, the glass was only able to hold a minute amount of water and of course he threw it back in the usual fashion. His son then enquired as to what he thought of the whisky that father had just consumed, and was convulsed with laughter when the answer came back. AS FOLLOWS:- “ By God that Teachers has Fairly improved ” I better have another !!

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John McDougall