Gin, Gin & more Gin

I visited a very upmarket outlet today and of course viewed all 0f the spirituous drinks on display.

We had the usual Malt whisky suspects on the shelves even up to 60 Y/O.

However the average price for a really well known suspect (without naming names) was around £35.00 per 70 cl bottle.

That’s absolutely fine, given that the whisky has matured for at least 10 Years, earning nothing, but racking up warehouse rentals!

Gin ? Make it today, and sell it today……

But how can this neutral flavoured white spirit command the very high prices being asked ?

Up to £50.00 per 70 cl bottle for one infusion !!

Come on, lets’s get real, this is arrant nonsense.

Do not tell me it is down to craft (a much over used description) that is complete rubbish.

It is down to perception, packaging, marketing et al.




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John McDougall