Gin Gin Gin & Yet More Gin.

Neutral spirit, plus some adjustments now appears to = Gin….in many offerings now available on the shelves.

I have taken it upon myself to test as many of these new arrivals as possible, with very mixed results.

Some of the new entries are atrocious, pure and simple.

have neutral spirit, compound (mix) with flavourisers Hey Presto, we have the answer to everyone’s prayers.

Hang a second, Not True actually, the consumer will see through this charade sooner or later, then only the True producers will prevail.

Too much Hype, but NOT enough real substance in there.

How can a bottle of flavoured alcohol produced today and potentially hypothetically sold today = the price of a 10 Y/O Single Malt Whisky ?

It’s not only ridiculous, but absolutely preposterous.


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John McDougall