2005 it was first mooted about a Destillerie in the Hoga Kusten.

2006 I began with serious discussions with most of the guys in the photo.

These were the lads with the vision to take things to the stage where seious other investors would take an interest in the proposed project.

The Location ? Box, Adalen.

The location was carefully selected, as it was the area of the Hoga Kusten (High Coast) Where huge Sawmill activity was the local Industry. and where a

Disaster of gigantic proportion took place.

My Friends wanted to put the Past in the Past, without ever forgetting the lost souls who fought and died for betterment for their families.

They also wanted to bring a New Future and belief to people both in Sweden and Further afield, that Whisky can Actually bring Brothers and

Sisters from around the world together in camaraderie and friendship

Adalen is known as RED Adalen, because of it’s Bloody History.

It was the last place and the last time that Swedish Forces opened fire on fellow unarmed Swedes and killed striking paper mill workers in the region.

Their wages were a a Disgrace, and they were asking for a better deal.

Death to the strikers was the official response.

That was the VERY last time that Officialdom set their guns on their own people in Sweden.

For me from 2005 until we commissioned the Destillerie it was an exciting time flying to and from Sweden, doing “stuff” as I do.

You may wonder what the “stuff” is ? … And I do not even begin to analyse it. Why should I,….if it all works !!

It did, and we distilled for the 1st time end of November/early December 2010.



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