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Booze sales

Contrary to expectations, but drinks sales were up by around 4% christmas 2011 over 2010 

Changes to Labelling Law

 Changes regarding the protection of Scotch Whisky, particularly the Single Malt Category will become UK law on Nov. 23. Interesting, as most fakes are supposed Blends, many of which are bottled abroad. Does that make sense ?


John' 50 Year bottling

My 50th anniversary bottling of being in the trade; there are a few bottles of this ultra mini Ltd. Edition remaining.These will become collectors items some day!

Wensleydale Cheese

Exports of Wensleydale cheese from Yorkshire have increased by 15% over the past 12 months, principally to the Middle East and the USA. Great !!! Nothing finer than a dram of young Bowmore and a piece of Wensleydale Blue....Heaven!!!  



Protection of Single Malts is at the top of the industry's priorities. If so, it would be good to know the industry's innermost thoughts about many of the "wood finishes" Currently in Vogue  

Over Indulgence

The Coalition Government has vowed to eliminate the dangerous drinking habits of the UK. We will see just how successful a policy this is...time will tell


 Small business are continuing to feel the strain of disjointed leadership from government and the
banks. They are being exhorted to do better, invest more, by borrowing, but the banks continue to fall short of their agreed quotas.


Whisky-The water of life:  "If a body could jist tak the proper amoont every day and stick wi' that I verily trow that doctors and kirk yards would soon be oot o' fashion" Words of Wisdom BY:- James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd 

Whisky/Old Age

 Older people are tending to live even older Why ? Could it be that many of them fortify a cup of tea or two each day with a wee dram ?? Possibly !!

The S C's tipple

The senior citizens of our country are now coming under attack by the "Do Gooders" in the medical profession. By all means make your point, but cut out all of the hysteria which accompanies most of your pronouncements nowadays.



   Welcome to my new home on the web.  The whole purpose of this site is to share with you my life experiences with Whisky.  During turbulent times I hope you find your visit enjoyable and as the site develops please feel free to contribute by emailing me, having your say in the discussion forum or just have a browse.



What's you favourite Whisky?

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